Brokerswood Country Park is 80 acres of woodland that was once an expanse of 20,000 acres stretching from Dorset, up to Frome in Somerset and Bath and throughout West Wiltshire only 400 years ago.

The Park has only had 5 families of owners since William the Conqueror, something that most Country Parks in England cannot claim.

Traditionally an Ash and Oak woodland with hazel under the high canopy, the woods have been here since the last ice age.

It has been a hunting estate as well as providing timber for local use including thatching spars, fencing poles, pea sticks and firewood.

The Park has been open since the 1960s and forty years on it has just received a 5th Gold Award from David Bellamys Conservation Award an accolade that is thoroughly deserved.

Sue Capon, the present Owner and Director is actively involved in the running of the Park I love this Park because its part of my family, having been passed down from generation to generation.

Barry Capon, Director, We want to create an atmosphere that is great fun for everyone with a respect for nature that makes people want to come back year after year and you know something, we are getting the same families coming to stay here every year, we are now welcoming the grandchildren, it will soon be the great grandchildren! Its about continuity of people and nature.

Trish Coley, Manager, says Its a privilege to be part of this continued conservation project that has been going on for over 400 years. We believe that we are the preservers of the present for the future.

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Brokerswood Country Park has received the prestigious David Bellamy Gold Conservation Award for the 5th year in a row – one of only 34 parks (out of 500 dotted around the UK) that have been presented with this honour.

“A very natural park. Absolutely superb with a pretty lake and forest walks”
Professor David Bellamy,
Naturalist and Broadcaster
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