Brokerswood Fishing Lake

The fishing lake is not only a lovely walk around the lake, but it also offers keen fishermen an opportunity to catch carp, roach, perch and tench. It's an excellent place to learn and for teaching children. Please remember that youngsters must be supervised at all times.

The lake contains a good head of Common Carp and some Mirror Carp as well as plenty of Roach and Perch. Carp average weight is 24lbs. Record Fish is 26lbs caught in summer 2005!

Fishing costs just 5 for adults and 4 for seniors and children.

Booking is essential, call us on 01373 822238 to book.

Fishing from the embankment often produces a mixture of carp, roach and some perch, float fishing with small hooks and single maggots will produce good bags of roach but for larger catches particle bait such as sweet corn and hemp is recommended. Ledgered baits cast halfway to the front of the island will catch carp, with the largest being found within 3 feet of the island itself, but beware the submerged tree stumps.

Fishing the margins with either float or ledger generally finds the larger carp just off the bank. The deepest water being to the right of the island, mirror carp tend to collect under the trees here towards the sheltered side. The platforms are probably the most productive for pole fishing and generally least disturbed by Park visitors, good for roach and perch and the odd stray big carp.

You can download more information about our fishing lake by clicking here

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Brokerswood Country Park has received the prestigious David Bellamy Gold Conservation Award for the 5th year in a row – one of only 34 parks (out of 500 dotted around the UK) that have been presented with this honour.

“A very natural park. Absolutely superb with a pretty lake and forest walks”
Professor David Bellamy,
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