Conservatory is a room made with glass roof and windows. Conservatories are made with PVC, a material which is marketed as maintenance free, but over certain time it becomes clogged with moss, dust, and algae. Routine cleaning of the conservatory is essential to maintain the integrity and pristine look of the glass frame and roofs. Conservatory cleaning, Wigan is a leading cleaning provider with the latest cleaning equipment including the cleaning access ladders, and large water fed poles. The equipment is designed to maintain the purity and assessable cleaning of the PVCu.

We offer two types of conservatory cleaning.


* Using detergent and water fed pole brush clean all the areas of the conservatory

* Rinse off

* Mop off windows

* Wipe sills

This is a suitable method to get rid of the most of the green color slim, moss and algae. Low-pressure water fed poles do the procedure.


It includes

* By using a special detergent cleansing of all the areas of the conservatory

* Scrub

* Rinse off

* Clean/empty and vacuum the inside of gutters

* Swab windows

* Wipe dry sills

* Hand apply the special PVCu and UPVC solvent cleanser to get rid of the dirt and weathering hazards

* Hand apply the polish of special shine restorer to give it a showroom finish

This is the most preferred method for the thorough cleaning of all kinds of conservatories and suitable for those conservatories that are directed in sunlight and experience a high carbon exposure resulting in the accumulation of the green color cloggy algae and moss. This method has fantastic results.

Other than conservatory cleaning, we also offer a total PVCU or UPVC cleaning for the other plastic products of your home. This includes:

* Doors

* Frames

* Claddings

* Soffits

* Carports (including roof)

* Garage doors

We are aimed to give our customers the best cleaning experience with our highly professional and trained workers. We have a complete solution for the maintenance and integrity of your PVCu and UPVC problems. You can contact us through our contact numbers and online via email to book an appointment. We offer you a variety of packages according to your requirements and budget.

Conservatory cleaning Wigan is working along with a reliable team and by using the advanced cleaning procedures and equipment. We are promised to give your conservatories a new, clean and pristine look.